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This week, there was a lot of Apple news. The Cupertino giant announced that it was raising the subscription prices of many of its popular services, including Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple One. It announced that future iPhones would make the switch to USB-C charging instead of Lightning. And it rolled out an update to the Apple Watch Ultra that greatly increases its battery life.

But this week wasn’t all about Apple. A bunch of other company’s announced new gadgets. Here’s what you need to know.

EcoFlow DELTA 2

Presented by EcoFlow

father drilling hole in wooden board using ecoflow power bank while son watches


Presented by EcoFlow

The DELTA 2 by EcoFlow is the most flexible portable battery on the market and a must-have for around the house and beyond. Its 1024Wh capacity (expandable to up to 3040Wh), connectivity (Bluetooth and Wifi) and versatility (power up to 15 devices at once) make it a cinch to power “over 90 percent of appliances.” The compact DELTA 2 can charge to 80 percent in 50 minutes and to 100 percent in only 80, while other systems sometimes take full workdays to juice up; alternatively, it can charge via EcoFlow’s solar panels. Perhaps most impressive, the DELTA 2 can achieve 3,000 full battery cycles or, in EcoFlow’s words, “users can power their lives once a day for almost an entire decade.” Whether your fall plans include overlanding through the wilderness and camping in the park or you simply want reliable, year-round emergency power for your home, don’t overlook the DELTA 2. Score 5 percent off for all DELTA 2 orders with code EFSD5OFF.

Prices: $999


Sony A7R V

sony alpha 7r v camera


The Sony A7RV is the company’s upcoming full-frame mirrorless camera and the successor to the Sony A7R IV. The new model has a similar 61-megapixel sensor, but it comes with a significantly more powerful Bionz XR processor that enables the Sony A7R V to have a way faster and smarter autofocusing ability. Additionally, the Sony A7R V packs better in-body image stabilization and a new 4-axis articulating display. It’ll be available this December.

Prices: $3,900


Level Lock+

level lock plus with phone showing app


Level Home teamed up with Apple to create smart lock that works with HomeKit — in fact, it’s the first smart lock that supports HomeKit that Apple has ever sold. The Level Lock+ is quite simple to use. It adds a digital key to your Apple Wallet and allows you to unlock quickly and simply by just tapping your iPhone or Apple Watch when you’re in proximity of the lock. And there’s a keyhole so you can use your physical key if you forget your iPhone (or it dies). The only real downside? It ain’t cheap.

Prices: $330


HHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S Snow

hhkb professional hybrid type s snow


The Happy Hacking Keyboard is a cornerstone of keyboard nerdery. With its minimalist “60%” layout and the option for completely blank keycaps, the HHKB was minimalist before it was trendy, launching all the way back in 1996. Now, to celebrate the board’s 25th birthday, comes a new addition: the HHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S Snow. In crisp white, especially with a set of all-white blank keycaps, the snow has all the terrific feel of this classic Topre keyboard, but with a whole new, stunning look. The Snow is available now and is a pricey investment at $357, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a better feeling, better looking, highly-portable keyboard for the money.

Prices: $357


Nothing Ear (stick)

nothing earbuds and stick case


The Ear (stick) the Nothing’s second pair of wireless earbuds, which are essentially a more budget-friendly alternative to the company’s Ear (1), which were previously $99 but as of today are now $149. The Ear (stick) lack the silicone eartips and a lot of the more premium features of the Ear (1), such as noise-cancellation and wireless charging, but they come with lower price tag and a fancy tubular charging case that you can more easily slips into your pocket.

Prices: $99


Nomad 30W Power Adapter (Transparent)

nomad 30w power adapter


Nomad announced a transparent version of its 30-watt USB-C GaN wall adapter. It’s exactly the same as the company’s 30-watt USB-C GaN wall adapter, but instead of a matte black (called carbide) finish you can see its inner circuitry. It still supports Power Delivery and is powerful enough to charge an iPad or even a MacBook Air. The other good news is that it still costs $30, so there’s not even a price hike to get this neat design.

Prices: $30


Contax T2 (x MAD Paris)

mad paris x contax t2


The Contax T2 was released in the early ’90s and over 30 years later — thanks to in large part to the resurgence of film photography — it’s still one of the most sought after 35mm film cameras you can buy. This week, the Parisian label MAD Paris released a limited edition collaboration that gives these iconic film cameras a makeover; you can get Contax T2 in one of five different colors. They are available online for preorder at Farfetch and ship October 28.

Prices: £4,500 (approx. $5,234)


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