Attention: Beware of Scammers Impersonating App Masters

We have recently received multiple reports of scammers impersonating App Masters, offering job opportunities in exchange for payment into a crypto currency account in the US, UK and Canada. Unfortunately, some individuals have fallen victim to this scam and lost their money. They are all scams and fake. Don’t engage with them and report them to authorities if possible.

Please ensure that you only engage with our official website,, and our official email address, which is Any other website or email address that claims to represent App Masters is fraudulent and should be avoided at all costs.

Please be aware that App Masters does not offer job opportunities via social media channels such as WhatsApp, Skype, or any other platform. We also do not require any cash deposit for anyone to work with us nor pay by checking upfront to work for us.

If you happen to receive any suspicious messages or requests, please note down all their contact information and communication and report to your local authorities right away.

It has come to our attention that other companies and agencies like us are also being targeted in a similar way. Therefore, we urge you to be extra vigilant and verify the authenticity of any requests or communications before taking any action.

We take this matter seriously and are doing everything we can to put a stop to these scams. We appreciate your cooperation and encourage you to spread the word to help protect others from falling victims to these fraudulent activities.

Thank you for your attention and understanding.


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