Dentist Avtandilyan lists 5 bad habits that destroy teeth

Dentist, founder and chief physician of the Smilestudio clinic in an interview with “Gazeta.RU” called the Russians five bad habits that destroy teeth.

According to the expert, smoking most often affects the integrity of the teeth. This habit causes problems such as bad breath, discoloration of the enamel and its weakening, and also leads to oncology.

Also, the habit of eating before bed and snacking often affects the teeth. The fact is that after a snack, saliva is not produced in full, after which the teeth are poorly cleaned of food particles.

Getting stuck in the interdental spaces and in the oral cavity, the remnants of food begin to ferment, and microorganisms actively develop inside them. All this leads to inevitable caries.

In addition, the habit of chewing a pencil or pen can damage your teeth. According to the dentist Avtandilyan, this leads to chips and microcracks on the surface of the tooth enamel, and also contributes to tooth mobility and impaired blood circulation in the root system.

The same goes for those who like to open packages with their teeth. In conclusion, the expert advised the Russians to avoid toffee and hard caramel, as well as contrasting temperatures. For example, it would not be a good idea to drink ice cream with tea or coffee, or drink cold cola after hot meals.

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