Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Dhanashree Bhatkal, Founder and Coach at A Money Tree, marks her writing debut with her book: Money – What’s Left, What’s Right. The aim is to educate people to understand money management in detail now when the time is uncertain as ever before. The book launched on 20th October, across e-commerce platforms like Amazon, and Flipkart and digital platforms like Google Play, Goodreads, Notion Press, etc.

Money – what’s left, what’s right by Dhanashree Bhatkal, is an excellent resource for managing personal finances effectively

Dhanashree Bhatkal is a financial professional and a serial entrepreneur who has been training businesses and coaching individuals to re-write their financial realities. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, coach, and business person who has a vision of ‘Financial Education for All’. Hence, her book is an excellent resource for learning about money so that one can alter their relationships and financial situation. The book talks about the two aspects of changing our financial realities, one is the mindset and the other is the practical method to make it work.

The book is an excellent starting point for a novice because it can assist in increasing your financial intelligence and help a professional manage wealth more effectively. It inspires to adopt new perspectives on accumulating riches.

Dhanashree says, “With an experience of more than 2 decades, the book was the natural progression for me. It is based on all my learning and lessons that I have comprehended over the years. Today the internet is filled with suggestions, but the book presents practical solutions. We have a webinar planned in the coming months to explain each chapter of the book, to make it as easy as possible for the readers to understand and interact.”

The book is a helpful manual that offers step-by-step instructions on how to manage personal finances effectively. For more information, please visit

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