After a rough year in the public markets, you might take today’s brilliant trading as good news. Any positive price movement is a win, right? Kinda.

The tech-heavy Nasdaq composite index rose 3.4% today, while other major US indicators jumped smaller amounts in a hall-of-fame start to the trading week. (That the markets are turning up for Disrupt is rather kind, I must admit.) Even more important to the tech industry, however, is sector-specific news.


Good news? Sure, but only if you are into squashy cats.

Let me explain. When the value of a particular commodity or security falls sharply, it often follows up its declines by bouncing back a little. If the underlying forces that drove the security negative remain in place, such rebounds often prove short-lived and not indicative of the actual “bottom” of any particular trading range. This is often called, somewhat inartfully, a “dead cat bounce,” or more specifically, the sort of modest rebound that a cat’s corpse might manage if it hit concrete after falling from a high window.

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