Gmail faces global outage, ‘mitigation currently underway’, says Google

Google’s popular Gmail service is down for many users across the world and many are still facing an issue. reported a spike in Gmail outage status over the past hour, though it looks like the email service is back for some users. However, Google’s own app status dashboard shows an issue with Gmail.

According to the dashboard, Google admits there is an issue with the service. The information for Gmail adds, “We are experiencing an issue with Gmail. Users may experience delays in email delivery. Our engineering team continues to investigate the issue. We will provide an update by Saturday, 2022-12-10 08:30 US/Pacific with current details.”

An update from the team suggests some solution is on the way. The latest update reads “Mitigation is currently underway and email delivery is no longer failing, however, the Google Engineering team is now working through the backlog of undelivered messages and expect all messages to be delivered in the next few hours. We will provide more information by Saturday, 2022-12-10 10:00”

Across India, users complained of undelivered emails and an unresponsive Gmail app. Gmail’s enterprise services are also affected at the moment. Gmail, which has over 1.5 billion users worldwide, was among the top downloaded apps of 2022. A couple of hours after the outage was first reported, Downdetector continued to show the email service in red. Both the app and desktop services have been affected by this unprecedented outage.

Gmail outages Google’s own app status dashboard still shows an issue with Gmail.

As users struggled to send out important mails, #GmailDown started trending on Twitter and other social media platforms. According to some of the comments posted on Downdetector, users got a message saying there could be delays in receiving and sending emails. Many of the users complained that they were not receiving mails on their account.

Check out some of the tweets on Gmail being down below

Google is yet to officially issue a statement on the outage. We will update this story once there are more details on what caused this latest outage. Previously, Meta’s WhatsApp was gone down in the month of October causing mass disruption, given the sheer number of users on the platform. As always, when major services from Google or Meta face an outage, the scale of impacted users is much higher given that these platforms have billions of customers.

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