• RynityRift is a designer who creates digital clothing for Roblox.

  • He’s created pieces for brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Alo Yoga as well as celebrities like Karlie Kloss.

  • Here’s how he spends his days, as told Insider reporter Lakshmi Varanasi.

You could say I found my way to the metaverse as a gamer first, designer second.

I started playing games on Roblox back in 2013. The more I played, the more I grew interested in the development of the games, characters, and designs. So, I started learning how to use Blender, a modeling software for computer graphics, through YouTube tutorials.

In 2019, I finally took the plunge and made my first digital accessory — a top hat — through a scrappy combination of Blender and Photoshop. Over the next six months, I made one new digital accessory every day. That daily practice helped me learn the skills I use every day to create designs.

I got my first gig in 2020, when a brand messaged me on Twitter after seeing my designs in previous tweets. A few months later, I applied for a position as a user-generated-content creator on Roblox and landed the job. I’ve been working with them ever since.

In traditional fashion, there are often limits on how creative, innovative, or thought-provoking one can be with their designs. There’s an expectation that the final product needs to comply with certain expectations or fit into current trends.

When it comes to digital fashion, though, the possibilities are boundless. You can simulate materials, test patterns, and even stitch without wasting real-world products. The radius of people I can reach — as an up-and-coming designer — is so much greater in the virtual world than the real world.

Over the years, I’ve collaborated with celebrities like Karlie Kloss, Paris Hilton, and Elton John on personalized collections for the metaverse. I’ve also worked with brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Alo Yoga.

Certain brands I’ve worked with have asked me to create virtual replicas of their existing merchandise. Other times, I’ve been given a looser set of instructions — a general theme, idea, or an aesthetic — and asked to create a design around that. In assignments like those, I often design pieces I would wear myself.

Digital fashion has already evolved from a cryptic concept to a familiar notion. It’s hard to predict the kinds of developments that might happen in the next five years.

I see myself eventually creating traditional clothing from my metaverse designs — developing ideas, designing, and simulating pieces digitally before transforming then into tangible, wearable pieces.

Until then, you can find my designs in the virtual realm. Here’s a closer look at a day in my life.

9 am— wake up and take in the “SoCal” views.

Southern California

Barry Winiker/ Getty Images

10:30 am— breakfast.



Most days, I have a sunny-side-up egg sandwich with mayo, cheese, toasted bread, and a side of pomegranate blueberry V8 juice. Today, I added grilled steak as well.

11 am— checking emails, and other correspondence on Discord, Guilded, and Slack.

A laptop sitting on a table, displaying the Slack logo.


I usually check multiple messaging services and emails to get up to date with them. Many projects are fielded through Sawhorse, a media company that I work with.

11:30 am— meeting with Karlie Kloss.

karlie kloss

Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

I’m collaborating with Karlie Kloss on her collection for Roblox and we have regular meetings to discuss the direction of the collection.

As a designer, it’s important for me to make my own designs and have creative freedom over a collection. What’s been cool about this collaboration is that it’s allowed me to explore unique designs in tandem with a knowledgeable expert in fashion like Karlie.

12-3 pm— deep work



The style that I aimed for with my collection for Karlie was future/punk. I made 13 unique pieces of clothing and accessories—all of the designs were created in direct collaboration with Karlie.

I use software called Marvelous Designer to make 3D simulations of the clothing. I start by making an online stitch pattern for something a jacket and inform the software where I want it to sew. I plug it into the program and a few seconds later, the stitch pattern is a full-fledged jacket.

For accessories, I like to use Blender. If I want to make a hat, for example, I’ll take a primitive object like a cylinder, squish the top, and expand the bill, until it resembles something like a hat. You manipulate objects until they look like what you want.

Through another tool called Substance Painter, I take black and white designs and add patterns, colors, and textures.

at some point in between— lunch break



Provided I don’t forget, I usually take a lunch break in between my afternoon work. I often have a mix of whatever is left over in my fridge. Today, I made myself ramen with carrots, broccoli, shrimp and fried eggs.

4 pm— tour of Alo Yoga Beverly Hills

Hello Yoga


Earlier this year I created items for the release of Alo Yoga’s experience on Roblox, Alo Sanctuary. After the release of the experience, Alo invited me to tour their headquarters in Beverly Hills. Here’s a closer look at their new studios.

6 pm— touching base on the Tommy Hilfiger collection at the Sawhorse office

Tommy Hilfiger


Once we finished up at the Alo, we headed to the Sawhorse office in LA to finalize the release of Tommy Play, an experience for Tommy Hilfiger.

I used my time at the office to create two of Tommy Hilfiger’s bags for a future release in the experience. Typically, I do most of my work from home, but it’s a wonderful meeting with my colleagues from Sawhorse and Alo.

8 pm— dinner at Mister O’s


mina abodahab / 500px/ Getty Images

Since many of the developers from Sawhorse are normally located in different states, we used the opportunity to go to Mister O’s, a restaurant in the area, as a team.

The team consists of programmers, art directors, modelers, and designers. Many of them work for traditional media as well as the Roblox community. It’s incredibly interesting to converse and share ideas with such a diverse group of talents.

10 pm— playing video games and unwinding

Video game player controllers

Kristian Dowling / Getty Images

Since the majority of my designs are for Roblox, I think it’s important to know the platform well. Playing games with friends is not only a fun way to end the day, but also doubles as a way to gain insight into what makes games tickle for players.

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