Many fans of Cody Ko and Noel Miller — aka the Tiny Meat Gang — know the two former Vine stars for their freewheeling YouTube video collabs. But the heart of their entrepreneurial endeavors lies in podcasting, and Ko and Miller’s fledgling Tiny Meat Gang Studios is aiming to plant a flag as a next-generation comedy podcast network.

They formed Tiny Meat Gang Studios in October 2021, anchored by their flagship “Tiny Meat Gang Podcast.” Ko and Miller debuted the podcast in 2017 — after YouTube was demonetizing their videos for profanity, and they were looking for a new source of revenue. The weekly show is split into two parts: 60 minutes are available free with ads on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube and other audio platforms; the second hour is available only to subscribers (via

Today, TMG Studios produces seven shows from its LA-based studio and employs 12 full-time staffers, and its podcasts have more than 200 million downloads to date. The mission, according to Ko, is to serve as an incubator for a new generation of comedic talent.

“We reached a point where we decided to take what we learned from our show and invest it in other shows,” said Ko. Developing original podcasts is “more of a risk” than partnering with established podcasts, he says, because it requires a bigger upfront investment, but the TMG Studios team sees more upside in creating their own intellectual property.

The company is welcoming inbound pitches to show ideas. “We want to hear them all,” Ko says. Miller says there are two factors they’re looking for in a project: that the podcast is “authentic to you” and is centered around a specific subject.

The partners have leveraged their internet fanbases to promote the enterprise and it shows: Ko, 32, has more than 14 million followers across platforms and Miller, 33, has over 8 million followers.

In addition to the namesake show, the current TMG Studios podcast slate comprises:

  • “Brooke and Connor Make a Podcast”: Hosts Brooke Averick and Connor Wood break down pop culture’s biggest moments, sharing hot takes and pushing each other’s buttons.
  • “Foul Tip”: Ex-Vine stars Zachary Piona and Wahlid Mohammad talk about all things sports.
  • “The Trillionaire Mindset”: Hosted by Wall Street trader Ben Cahn and his skeptical best friend, Emil DeRosa, the duo take a comedic crack at the worlds of business, politics and finance.
  • “Insanely Chill”: Solo show hosted by Ko in which he discusses current events.
  • “8 Ball”: Ko and Miller team with “Trillionaire Mindset’s” Cahn and DeRosa (“4 Guys = 8 Balls”) in a comedy special series.
  • “Meat Locker”: Launched in November, the video podcast is part live-action, part animated, with the TMG Studios founders teaming with YouTube animator MeatCanyon featuring guests who “may not be their real selves.”

Miller and Ko (whose full surname is Kolodziejzyk) met when they were working as software engineers at Creator Network Fullscreen. Their comedic sensibilities clicked and they began producing the “That’s Cringe” commentary series. “Unknowingly, we were piloting our podcast,” says Miller.

The “Tiny Meat Gang” name has a ribald origin story. In one early episode, the duo were riffing on the weird idea of ​​an “unborn child as an fboy” posing in a sonogram, according to Miller. “I offhand said, ‘tiny meat alley!’ — and the name stuck.

In addition to TMG Studios, the two continue to produce content for YouTube and other platforms. “We both have our own social media presence, and we know how to treat each individual channel with respect,” Ko says. Their business ventures also include merchandise and live shows, with the pair having staged in a sold-out comedy/rap tour in 2021. Next year, Miller is launching a 65-city international comedy tour, kicking off Jan. 12, 2023, titled “Everything Is F#&ked” (more info at

Ko and Miller are repped by UTA, which has assisted in the expansion of TMG Studios. “As someone who has had the privilege of representing Cody and Noel from the start of their careers, I’ve seen them expand their roles beyond comedians to business owners, entrepreneurs and trailblazers within the creator economy,” says Mahzad Babayan, digital talent agent at UTA. “It’s monumental that they’ve launched a platform where fellow creative voices can have the tools and support to make real and authentic content for their audiences.”

Adds UTA ​​audio agent AJ Leone, “Helping Tiny Meat Gang expand their business and evolve from a popular show into an established network has been a thrill. I’m looking forward to our continued partnership as they identify new voices and bring fresh stories to listeners across comedy, finance, sports and more genres.”

Even as they broaden their podcast biz, the core “Tiny Meat Gang Podcast” continues in its original format, Ko says: “It’s what we’ve always done — two friends riffing and messing around about what’s going on in pop culture.” The show, which targets a core audience of listeners 18-24, may seem random and spontaneous. But the guys say they’re deliberate about developing each episode with elements including original sketches, special guests and gift giveaways. “We make an active effort to provide that entertainment,” says Miller.

Pictured above (l. to r.): Cody Ko, Noel Miller

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