On-demand App Development Like Uber 2022 Checklist

The Modus Operandi

Before we talk about the comprehensive features, try to understand how it works, as this knowledge will make you the most out of your app and understand how you can utilize it to weave success. We have summed-up the app’s operations in the below-mentioned steps.

Step #1- The customer downloads the app from the app store, completes the registration, and starts using it. The customer requests a car ride on the app for immediate availability or can schedule the availability. To and from location details are provides.

The app’s AI starts looking for the cab drivers near the customer’s location and shares the request with the driver.

Step #2- The driver can either accept or reject the customer request. In case of rejection, the request will be shared with other drivers automatically.

Step #3- Once the request is accepted, the driver details will be shared with the customers. The customer will be able to track the cab and knows the estimated time of arrival.

Step #4- Taxis takes the customer to its destination, and the customer can pay via integrated payment mode or by cash after reaching the destination. Cashless payment is preferred as it is hassle-free for both parties.

Step #5- The customer is asked to rate the drive as it is crucial to make the service more reliable and customer-oriented.