A new PlayStation 5 System Software update has gone live today worldwide, bringing unspecified changes to the console’s functionality, stability, and performance.

The new 23.01- has gone live earlier today, but update notes have yet to be shared, so it is not yet clear what changes the update brings. However, we shouldn’t expect any new additions, as bigger updates are usually accompanied by notes, so today’s update likely only brings the usual minor stability and performance improvements. The update’s size is around 1.1 GB big, so it won’t take much for most users to download and install.

Earlier this year, another PlayStation 5 System Software update went live, bringing more than just stability and performance improvements. The 22.02-06-50.00 update also introduced support for the DualSense Edge controller. An earlier major update which went live back in September 2022, brought 1440p HDMI Video Output support, one of the most requested features since the console’s launch in late 2020, improvements to Game Base, custom gamelists, and much more.

While the current PlayStation 5 model is getting supported with new features, apparently, Sony isn’t being idle in the hardware side of things, as multiple new models are said to be in development. According to rumors circulating online, a new model that will support an external disc drive will be released later this year, while a proper PlayStation 5 Pro model will launch sometime in late 2024.

The new PlayStation 5 System Software update can be downloaded directly from the console. It is also available for download directly from the console’s official website.

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