Seattle, WA, Oct. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SEOToolLab’s industry-leading software, Cora has announced its new upgrade, with Cora 7 Pro set for a launch in November.

The importance of the latest SEO strategies for individuals, and businesses, big and small, who want to stay competitive on page one cannot be overemphasized. It helps them reach their target audience and boost profitability as well. But there is a difference between good SEO and cutting-edge, brilliant SEO. SEOToolLab has been that difference for its clients, and its glowing customer reviews are a testament to it.

At the heart of the much-talked-about, powerful SEO Software is ten years of research in which the company has been involved. SEOToolLab pioneered data-driven SEO marketing by discovering that 2000 variables are responsible for page one ranks. This data has been used in its factor correlation software, Cora and Cora Lite, which have enhanced traffic for clients and ensured that the sales are increased too.

Cora 7 Pro
Cora 7 Pro set for a launch in November

SEOToolLab’s innovative and data-driven SEO Software, including SEO Editor PRO, has also been lapped by individual entrepreneurs, organizations, and marketing companies. By harnessing the power of data and measurable results, these companies can ensure that their clients get the results they have been looking for in their businesses. It’s interesting to note that these products are easy to use and implement.

SEOToolLab goes the distance to offer video tutorials to make it easier for clients to use this software. It can walk them through the products individually, which is an added advantage. These are just some of the features and support one can expect when Cora 7 Pro is launched. But henceforth, it is important to take stock of some of the powerful features of its predecessor, Cora software.

It has been regarded as an expert-level SEO diagnostics tool, which measures more than 2040 ranking factors. It then goes on to identify the strongest ones and tells clients, which ones their page needs. It is the only software in the market that automatically adapts to Google updates. Focusing on data can offer insights into factors that seem to be influencing the rankings of clients’ keywords.

So when there are algorithm changes by Google, their influence is reflected in the following report. With Cora subscription, clients have access to Cora Diff tool, which is handy for comparing reports before Google updates and after. It then offers answers on which factors got stronger and which became weaker. Cora Trends, however, focuses on the most vital aspects common in a collection of keywords.

A lot more is expected from Cora 7 Pro, which will officially launch mid-November. It will enable clients to take their SEO game to the next level. But it’s important to remember that new subscription rates will likely go up then, so the time to lock in the rates at is now.

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The company deduced over ten years of research that 2000 variables affect page ranks. Today, it is known as the name that pioneered factor correlation software that makes clients competitive on page one.


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