Deep learning with light | MIT News

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Ask a smart home device for the weather forecast, and it takes several seconds for the device to respond. One reason this latency occurs is because connected devices don’t

Know about Microservices Integration Architecture

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Benefits of Microservices Architecture can Bring to the integration At a deeper level, microservices architecture has assorted and wider implications on development and integration levels that are hard to sum up

Optimize Customer Service with Salesforce Case Management

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91% of customers say that good customer service encourages them to make another purchase. Your customer service has a huge impact on your customer loyalty. All it takes

Unified commerce Vs Omnichannel -A complete guide for retailers

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A brand’s priorities on the path to unified commerce depend on the specific shopping journey as customers are at the center of today’s demand-driven retail economy. For example, in

Customer Centric Experience -A competitive advantage for retailers

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You have to put many factors into place to develop a booming business in today’s world. The customer is one such crucial factor. In recent times, retailers emphasized

Inside Zuckerberg’s metaverse struggles | Technology News,The Indian Express

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Last October, when Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, announced that the company would change its name to Meta and become a “metaverse company,” he sketched a vision of

Offline and Online Integrations approach for better ROI

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Use one system for multiple channels. For the new ecommerce site, major brick-and-mortar stores can utilize their existing logistics networks. To prevent overselling or underselling, inventory must be kept in

Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to three scientists | Science and Technology News

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Alain Aspect, John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger were awarded for discoveries in the field of quantum mechanics. Alain Aspect of France, John Clauser of the United States and Austria’s Anton Zeilinger

Canada’s Online News Act Targets Facebook and Google

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The Canadian Parliament has passed a law that will require technology companies to pay domestic news outlets for linking to their articles, prompting the owner of Facebook and Instagram to

New technology uses ordinary sunlight to disinfect drinking water

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At least 2 billion people worldwide regularly drink water contaminated with disease-causing microbes. Disinfectant powder is stirred in bacteria-contaminated water (upper left). The mixture is exposed to sunlight, which rapidly