Taiwan’s plan to buy 400 Harpoon anti-ship missiles puts China in a bind

Taiwan intends to buy 400 Harpoon anti-ship land missiles to repel a possible attack from the Chinese military. It is reported by Bloomberg. The seller, of course, will be the United States.

According to the publication, the US Department of Defense has already signed a contract with Boeing Corporation for the purchase of 400 Harpoon missiles. It is pointed out that the supply of a large batch of anti-ship missiles will be carried out within the framework of the decision of the United States Congress to sell weapons to Taiwan.

Taiwan to purchase up to 400 ground-launched Harpoon missiles to thwart possible Chinese invasion

Bloomberg ratings.

Meanwhile, military experts believe the attempted transfer of ground-based anti-ship missiles to Taiwan could serve as a signal for action for the Chinese military. Beijing simply cannot allow the appearance of such weapons in the Taiwanese military, as this calls into question not only the naval blockade of the island, but also the actions of the Chinese fleet in general.

Recall that a few days ago, the People’s Liberation Army of China held large-scale exercises off the coast of Taiwan. As explained in Beijing, the maneuvers are a warning to all those who advocate the independence of the island and the protection of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the PRC.

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