For the experience of the coexistence of the child and the dog to be positive, we must give the little ones certain guidelines that will help them understand how to behave with someone who can be their best friend and playmate. In this article, we will give you the basic keys to their good coexistence.

Mastery of non-verbal communication is the key to the coexistence of children and animals. The child must know that the dog communicates mainly through the gestures he makes with his body.

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It is desirable for the baby to know that when the dog wags its tail and crouches, its body and head indicate that it is happy or in a good mood. If his ears are flat and his tail is motionless and pointing upwards, then he is in tension. A dog that presses its body to the ground, tucks its tail into its paws, and pulls its ears back signals that it is obeying another person or animal that it considers the leader.

Similarly, a dog receives information through non-verbal communication from its owners. The fact that a child approaches too close to an animal to hug it, or brings its face closer to its muzzle, can be interpreted by the dog as a provocation. Indeed, in the packs of wolves, the ancestors of dogs, such convergence indicates mischievous behavior. On the other hand, looking directly into the dog’s eyes can be seen as a challenge.

The child and respect for the dog’s space and hobby

A child who respects the places and times when a dog needs privacy and calmly demonstrates that he understands his four-legged friend and that coexistence with him is properly arranged. For example, when a dog is eating or sleeping, it needs calm, and adults should explain to the baby why. It is strongly recommended that the child understands that the dog should not be taken as a toy, it is a living being that depends on our care and has its own needs.

A child is a sponge at the time of learning, and he will easily accept the rules of the game in his relationship with his four-legged friend. Soon he will learn to understand when the dog wants to play or is looking for peace. However, it is important for an adult to ensure that the relationship between them develops properly.

Separate social rules for children and dogs

A dog’s rules of communication and relationships do not always coincide with a person’s rules. It is advisable to teach the child not to cross certain limits when living with an animal. The affection and friendship that can develop between a child and a dog is very special. It is an unforgettable and unique experience.

Babysitters dogs and their special character

By their nature, some dogs are more suitable for families with children. They are more patient, calm and love company and games. Not all dogs cohabit easily with babies, and this must be taken into account even at the stage of choosing a dog.

The Chihuahua is not considered a dog suitable for coexistence with children. Dogs belonging to this breed have no patience and often show a possessive attitude towards those they consider their owner. It is also not one of the breeds that is characterized by a love of play. However, this does not mean that the Chihuahua cannot live with children and adapts to the situation, although its character lacks characteristics most suitable for coexistence with the little ones.

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Females are better companions for children than males, although again we cannot generalize. Females are more patient and less territorial. They are more docile, calm and tend to be very protective of children and the elderly. Guide dog trainers favor females for their readiness to train. Females are more methodical, persevering and learn faster. They are more tolerant and sociable with strangers and other pets. They accept the hierarchy better and act more at home.

Children who know how to take care of their dogs

It is advisable to involve the child in daily dog ​​care activities. The child can walk the dog, comb the pet’s coat, make sure it has clean water, take it to the vet. Thus, the child will develop a sense of responsibility, and the dog will recognize in him a friend who is close to him and whom he must respect. Most importantly, children who have dogs can enjoy playing and interacting with pets.

A child between one and four years old has a different attitude and involvement towards a dog than a child over four years old. For example, he still cannot take the dog out or actively play with it.

A child taking their first steps will probably want to approach the animal to grab its fur, pull its tail or its ears.

For a toddler, a dog is a creature that attracts a lot of attention to its appearance, and it is advisable that from this stage parents begin to explain to the child that he must approach the dog with respect so as not to frighten or hurt him. . him. In this way, the right foundations for the relationship will be laid, so that as the child grows and develops, he strengthens his friendship with the dog.


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Tips for improving child-dog interaction

It is desirable that a dog living with children has a certain character: calm, patient, playful. Females are more “nannies” than males, living with a dog has a positive effect on children. They learn to communicate, respect boundaries and develop a sense of responsibility. You need to teach your child to respect the dog and understand how to communicate and treat it. Adults play a crucial role in this, the child must participate in the daily care of the animal: bathing, walking or visiting the veterinarian are some of the tasks in which children can participate.

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