The Pentagon sends a humanitarian mission to Turkey

The United States has deployed its military resources to provide humanitarian assistance to Turkey, which continues to conduct search and rescue operations after the strongest earthquake in 80 years, which occurred on February 6. The US administration on Thursday announced $85 million in emergency aid to Turkey .

The direction of the Pentagon’s assistance mission to Turkey is entrusted to the command of the United States Navy in Europe and Africa. Marine Corps Brigadier General Andrew Priddy, commander of US Naval Forces Europe and commander of 2D Marine Expeditionary Brigade, arrived in Turkey Feb. 9 to lead aid coordination efforts.

The US Navy strike group, led by the aircraft carrier USS George W. Bush, is now in the eastern Mediterranean and, according to its command, is “ready to provide logistical, medical and helicopter support” for operations safety.

On February 7, US helicopters based at the Incirlik military air base began transporting rescuers to the worst affected areas, and on February 8, UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters began transporting rescuers. injured to local medical facilities. Additional Black Hawk (Black Hawk) and CH-47 Chinook (Chinook) helicopters were sent to Incirlik, ready for any missions at the discretion of the Turkish rescue services.

Incirlik air base has become the largest center for the delivery of humanitarian aid to the affected regions. US soldiers are helping Turkish troops unload thousands of tons of supplies from allies and partners around the world. Since February 7, Incirlik Air Base has received more than 1,337 aircraft with humanitarian aid.

Beginning February 6, immediately following the earthquake, the United States mobilized to assist Turkey through the United States Agency for Development Disaster Relief Team (DART). international development (USAID). In southern Turkey, two search and rescue teams of 79 people are working in the worst affected areas.

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