Twitter founder Jack Dorsey departs Bluesky board, focus now on “freedom technology”

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has confirmed his departure from the board of Bluesky, the decentralized social media platform he helped establish. The news came to light on Saturday when Dorsey, in response to a question on X (formerly Twitter), stated that he was no longer on the Bluesky boards.

Bluesky, which started as a project within Twitter in 2019, eventually became an independent entity with Dorsey serving on its board.The platform, led by CEO Jay Graber since 2021, aims to create an open-source social media standard that puts users in control of their experience. Bluesky only recently opened to the public in March 2023 after a year-long invite-only period.
In a statement released on Sunday, Bluesky thanked Dorsey for his help in funding and initiating the project, acknowledging that the platform is now thriving on its decentralized protocol, atproto. The company also announced its search for a new board member who shares their commitment to building a user-centric social network.
Dorsey’s involvement with Bluesky has been somewhat limited, with CEO Jay Graber previously stating that he provided occasional feedback but was otherwise “being Jack Dorsey on a cloud.” Months before this revelation, Dorsey had already closed his Bluesky account.
The former Twitter CEO’s departure from the Bluesky board coincides with his renewed focus on what he calls “freedom technology.” In a series of posts on freedom technology. (you’re on one).”
While the reasons behind Dorsey’s exit remain unclear, his dedication to decentralized platforms and open-source technology appears to be a driving force.