How much time is required to develop simple user administration modules?

For a hassle-free user administration module, it takes approx 2-3 weeks for smaller applications, 5-6 weeks for mid-sized ones, and 9-10 weeks for big-size applications

What is the length of time required for testing and development?

Most people and companies want to develop applications with all the different sets of functionalities. The time needed to test and develop the apps will depend on the features extracted and the type of business.

Both the mobile app’s backend and the app itself must be built. The backend, iOS app, and Android app should all be developed simultaneously. A smaller version can be completed in 6-7 weeks, a mid-sized app in 14-15 weeks, and a large app in 20-22 weeks.

How long do beta testing and deployment take?

Once your application is fully built, beta testing is mandatory to discover possible bugs. You may spend 1 week on smaller apps, 2 weeks on mid-size apps, and 3 weeks on bigger apps.

How does the iHOPR help unleash your creative potential?

Being a low-code development framework, iHOPR is the most convenient way to create user management functionalities. Implementing a validation strategy with iHOPR allows you to drag and drop while creating sign-in, sign-up, and thief-party integrations in hours. Lastly, this valuable software permits nurturing of rapid applications by building, testing, and deploying integrations.

Why choose iHOPR?

The most common reasons for choosing iHOPR are the following:

  • Maximized Security
  • Swift development and deployment within a day instead of weeks
  • Multi-device deployment
  • Difficult configuration in just one click
  • Reusability
  • Built-in Dashboard for User Management
  • Platform-neutral accessibility
  • Drag and drop interfaces

So, what are you waiting for? Start validating your idea of ​​app development with our proven user management platform in just days, but not weeks!

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