Canada News Pay: Canada planning framework to make Google, Meta pay for news

Meta has blocked news access on Facebook and Instagram for those living in Canadaand Google is also walking down the same path. Both companies said that Online News Act, which mandates tech companies in news space to strike deals with local publishers, is unworkable. The Canadian regulator has now said that it will start setting up a framework that will allow news organizations and internet giants to negotiate deals.
The regulator, which is responsible for implementing the country’s online news law, said that it will begin setting up the framework later this year and aims to initiate mandatory bargaining by early 2025.
According to a report by news agency Reuters, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has been tasked with finalizing rules. It will also oversee the negotiations between Canadian news publishers and online platforms.
The regulator will recruit independent arbitrators next year and publish the framework and code of conduct for the law in the summer of 2024.
News block during Canada fires
Recently, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau slammed Meta for blocking news content on Facebook and Instagram. He alleged that Meta was prioritizing corporate profits as wildfires ravaged Canada’s British Columbia province.
“It is so inconsistent that a company like Facebook is choosing to put corporate profits ahead of ensuring that local news organizations can get up-to-date information to Canadians and reach them,” the Prime Minister said.
“In a larger picture, that’s bad for democracy because democracy depends on people being able to trust high-quality journalism and of all kinds of different perspectives and points of view,” he added.
“But right now, in an emergency situation, up-to-date local information is more important than ever,” Trudeau noted.
Canada’s Online News Act became law in June but has not yet come into effect.