Go re-enters TIOBE’s top 10 programming languages

Programming language Go appears to be making a resurgence as it re-enters TIOBE’s top 10 list.

TIOBE creates its programming language popularity list using search data across 25 different engines. The methodology has been regularly criticized but works as a rough guide of the interest in each language.

Go was created by Google and often lingers just outside the top 10 on the TIOBE Index. The language was last in the top 10 in July 2017.

In the March 2023 edition of the TIOBE Index, Go has once again managed to breach the top 10. The language was in 11th place a month earlier.

Here are the top 20 languages ​​for March 2023 according to the index:

Ranking Programming Language Ratings
1 Python 14.83%
2 C 14.73%
3 Java 13.56%
4 C++ 13.29%
5 C# 7.17%
6 Visual Basic 4.75%
7 JavaScript 2.17%
8 SQL 1.95%
9 PHP 1.61%
10 Go 1.24%
11 Assembly language 1.11%
12 MATLAB 1.08%
13 Delphi/Object Pascal 1.06%
14 Scratch 1.00%
15 Classic Visual Basic 0.98%
16 R 0.93%
17 Fortran 0.79%
18 Ruby 0.76%
19 Rust 0.73%
20 Swift 0.71%

Paul Jansen, CEO of TIOBE Software, commented:

“Engineers appear to love the Go programming language. What makes it stand out? Go is not revolutionary, but its strength is in combining the right features. It has built-in concurrency and garbage collection, is statically typed and has good performance.

It also helps that Go is backed-up by the Google company. This improves the long-term trust in the language.

Popular applications such as Docker and Kubernetes have been developed using Go. The real test now will be whether Go can remain in the regularly-changing number 10 positions or climb further up the rankings.

(Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash)

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