New driving license cards: Everything you need to know – LNN

Transport minister Sindisiwe Chikunga confirmed that printing the new driving license cards is expected to start before the end of April. Chikunga said her department was at the ‘tail-end’ of procuring a new printing machine for the cards.

“We are at the tail-end of the procurement process. This is because the team had to travel to France to see the machine for themselves,” the minister said.

Chikunga said the department had not awarded a tender for the new printer in January. But that it is planned to finalize the process before April.

They were expected to launch the new driving licenses at the end of March 2024.

What you need to know about the news driving license cards

  • With the new printer, the Driving License Card Account (DLCA) should be able to produce a card within five working days. This is nine days faster than the current printer.
  • The new card will be valid for eight years, instead of the current five.
  • Current cards will continue to be recognized as valid until March 31, 2029.
  • They will introduce a new system with driving license cards linked to smart-card technology.
  • The new driving license card in South Africa will have improved security features, including biometric data, holograms, and watermarks, to reduce fraudulent licenses and improve road safety.
  • The new card will also make the SA driving license compatible with the International Information Technology Personal Identification Compliant Driving License (ISO18013).